“Flower Trials”: inspiration for florists

Florifique will be present at June 10th during the ‘Flower Trials’ offered to Dutch florists. Creative enterepreneurs Marjolein Roeffel (Florifique) and Jetteke van Lexmond (creative director & fashion editor) will be inspiring you to take the challenge and think out-of-the-box.


Floral tribute to female entrepreneurship

Series “Spirits” is a series of artistic portraits of female entrepreneurs. A celebration of female entrepreneurship and typical female characteristics such as creativity, respect and perseverence.

Presented here is a Floral Portrait of a lawyer, a genuine professional, whose dream came true in the adventure of entrepreneurship. Combining the two jobs (lawyer & entrepreneur) must be challenging but the creativity & inventivity of this beautiful and stylish lady will always help her out. Her web address (in Dutch): www.prettyskin.nl. Co-creation project by Rotterdam based artists Marjolein Roeffel (digital photo compilation) & Aivy Quin (portrait photography).

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Floral Portrait "Creativity"
Floral Portrait “Creativity”